Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's being to look a lot like Christmas...

As December races ahead we have started to get into the Christmas spirit.
The tree has gone up, the house decorated, and some crafting has taken place...
My son (knitboy) even came up with his own version of of my favourite Christmas carol .... while putting up the Christmas tree he found a decoration with the words to Silent Night on it ... he proceeded to sing:
"Silent Night, Holy Night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round yon Vegan Mother and Child ...."

(Well, at least he knew what vegan meant. We must work on his reading!!)

The tree is up!!

 We made this lovely tree from some scrap wood. Knitboy did most of the sawing and nailing, with a little help from his Pop. We made the star from the metal lid of a tin - punching holes with a nail around a star template.

An assortment of vintage glass baubles
Good old Santa

A spot of evening cruising to look at Christmas light
We are aiming to keep our Christmas simple, relaxed and focused on our family.
So far, so good .... what are your plans for Christmas? Do you have any favourite family traditions?

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  1. Well veganism is very honourable too I suppose ;)
    Our plans for Christmas is relaxing and family time... and hopefully lots of swimming in the pool and at the beach with some good food thrown into the mix too... but simple and special.