Friday, December 28, 2012

A trip to the seaside...

A trip to the beach in the afternoon brings relief from the heat and the opportunity to enjoy the sand and the sea without crowds of people.
I love the changing colours of the ocean, the sound of crashing waves and the salty smell.

My vintage beach umbrella came along to provide me with lots of shade. I love the floral design. I plan on making a beach blanket/quilt from vintage sheets to match.

It is great that this beach is patrolled by lifesavers - adding some peace of mind.

A lovely shade of blue - but an unwelcomed sight in the water.

My knitboy enjoying the surf - he loves the water!!

I love these little waves on the shoreline. When we lived two hours from the coast, I so missed the beach and lakes - now I make sure that we spend some time each week near water to relax and unwind.

Summer essentials!!

A walk on the beach today was postponed due to wild winds and electrical storms - Mother Nature knows how to perform!! What is it like in your part of the world? I'd love to hear ..

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