Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing ...

I love the colours and shapes of this play equipment
The view from the playground

Luckily there are stairs next to this entry to the playground
for the less agile!!

This is fun!!!

Shapes and colours

Snapped be knitboy as we drove along - the Pacific Ocean.

Someone else's idea of playing - hang gliding. Again snapped by knitboy out of the car window.


  1. Congrats Maureenl. You have won the "runnerup" joke prize of a pack of twisties that may or may not be turned into a pair of earrings from my Shrink Plastic giveaway over at my blog The Hills Are Alive. Can you contact me (email probably best) with your postal address so I can ensure you get your prize (I may slip something else in seeing as it was such a silly prize?!). Thanks for entering. Take care, Michele

  2. Maureen - apologies can you email me your address again for the wooden spoon/booby prize from my giveaway. Flu and life got in the way of me sending it immediately and now ready to post but cant find your address. My email is on my blog thanks!