Saturday, November 10, 2012

Satisfying Saturday

Saturday was ......
A trip to the collectables and comic shop, Hunters and Collectors ... always some great finds!

The discovery of a lovely new market at the Sourdough Cafe

Catching up with Lilea from Earthdweller with her lovely homemade and fairtrade products
Great retro and vintage stalls
Mouthwatering organic vegies
Bunches of Springtime happiness!

 What did you do today? I hope that it was rewarding and inspiring.


  1. Read a great read and knitted and child wrangled a bit too...
    Hunters and Collectors hey? That's a flash back. Did they do "Run To Paradise" ... either way that song is now going over and over in my mind. It's a good thing... but I bet you I'll start singing it aloud soon and the kids will complain that I'm annoying them... humpf. The audacity!

  2. I saw a sign today re those markets. I must pop in - they look great.